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At Universal Financial Insurance Agency, LLC we go above and beyond tax and financial services by providing our clients in Elizabeth, Linden, Newark, Rahway, Woodbridge, NJ, and the surrounding areas with life insurance coverage. With a Mutual of Omaha agent in our corner, we offer you life insurance quotes on a range of policies that fit your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Call us today to learn more about life insurance coverage.

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Life Insurance Quotes

  • Term Life Insurance – Term life insurance offers coverage for a limited period of time with fixed payments. As a budget-friendly life insurance solution, term life insurance can fit nearly any budget and offer protection for years at a time. Mutual of Omaha has term-life policies in 10,15, 20, and 30-year terms
  • Whole Life Insurance – Whole life insurance is a life insurance policy that provides lifelong coverage as long as premiums are paid. This form of life insurance typically offers higher monetary death benefits and has fixed premiums that don’t fluctuate–ideal for policyholders on a budget.
  • Universal Life Insurance -Universal life insurance is a cash-value life insurance option that provides real cash value with excess premium payments above the cost of the policy. This cash value is credited with interest each month. These life insurance policies offer flexibility to adjust premiums.
  • Accidental Death Insurance – Accidental death insurance coverage provides financial benefits in the event of an accidental fatality. This form of life insurance coverage is limited and can often be added to other life insurance policies as a benefit.

We offer our clients life insurance quotes for a range of policies including:

Life Insurance from a Mutual of Omaha Agent

Life insurance coverage doesn’t have to be complicated! We make finding a good life insurance policy hassle-free by offering life insurance solutions from Mutual of Omaha. By getting to know you personally, our agent works with you to help you find the right life insurance for your budget and requirements.

At Universal Financial Insurance Agency, LLC we offer life insurance solutions from Mutual of Omaha to our clients in Newark, Elizabeth, NJ, Woodbridge, Rahway, Linden, NJ, and the surrounding areas. In addition to a range of professional financial services, we help you take care of your dependents with life insurance from Mutual of Omaha. From term life, whole life, accidental death insurance, and more, our founder and Mutual of Omaha agent Yvan Maxi can help you find the life insurance you need to have peace of mind and keep your family protected no matter what happens. Contact us today to get a life insurance quote!

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