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in Newark, Linden, Woodbridge, Elizabeth, Rahway, NJ, and the Surrounding Areas


Optimum Financial And Tax Services, Inc. specializes in IRS & State Tax Resolution and is deeply committed to every client we represent. With our knowledge and experience in tax resolution services, we have found that each client requires personalized service, and be represented individually. As every situation is unique, each case is researched on individual merit, and each case is represented aggressively and negotiated based upon all of the relevant profile materials. OFTS is dedicated to providing top-notch tax resolution service to clients in Newark, Linden, Woodbridge, Elizabeth, Rahway, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

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Experienced Tax Accountants Committed to:

  • Offering a free tax settlement analysis through a private consultation
  • Utilizing expert strategies and proven methods for the best possible representation of your specific tax issues.
  • Specializing in handling and completing previously-designated unsolvable problem cases.
  • Sharing all of your concerns, and we work hard to restore and maintain your peace of mind.

We respect and honor you, our client, your patronage, and your confidence in OFTS. We will do everything we can to quickly resolve your tax resolution case ethically and successfully.

Our Tax Resolution Services:

Setup IRS Payment Plan

IRS Wage Garnishmet

Back Taxes Owed

Offer In Compromise

IRS Liens / Levies

IRS Audit Representation

Innocent Spouse Relief

Payroll Tax Problems

Non-filed Tax Returns

Contact us for a free consultation to learn how Optimum’s tax experts can help resolve your tax problems and put your mind at ease.


The Seven Secret Steps to Successful Tax Resolution

  1. BELIEF – We believe in you and in your case. This is more important than it sounds. In order to win Tax Resolution cases successfully, a company must really believe what they are fighting for and be dedicated to their client’s cause.

  2. RESEARCH – We research every case’s substance and detail. Companies can’t win cases unless they are entirely familiar with all aspects of the case and how the current laws pertaining to the case.

  3. BUILD A CASE – After researching and identifying all common material which pertains to your case, we then format all case detail and substance into one strategic Negotiation Plan for Presentation to the IRS.

  4. EXPERTISE – YES, we have some of the best Tax Resolution Experts in the Countryand they are available within a 24 hour period. The very BEST up-to-the-minute Reference and Advice Team with knowledge of new laws and difficult case criteria. Having access to The Best Tax Resolution minds in the industry is essential to protect and win for our clients.

  5. PROFESSIONAL – CARING CUSTOMER SERVICE – THE PARTNERSHIP – Tax Resolution cases are not solved and won overnight. They take time and much communication takes place between clients and our Tax Resolution Specialists.During this time we share important information together, to build the BEST CASE POSSIBLE. It is extremely valuable that our Customer Service personnel assist you in every way, to provide and remember as much information about your case as possible. This fact is very real and true, and very professional – our caring customer service staff must be in place to work in partnership with you, informing you, nurturing you, reassuring you, and in all ways positively inspiring you as we move on and work through the process.

  6. CLIENT REVIEW AND REMEDIES – When strategies are put into place and final negotiations are going to begin, we review everything in detail with you (once or twice per month), so you are factually informed at all times and you know what to expect from our possible remedies. What we will prescribe will include, but is not limited to, Eliminating IRS Penalties, Filing all Back Taxes NOW, Innocent Spouse Relief, Currently not Collectible, Offer in Compromise, Relief for Individuals, Relief for Self Employed, IRS Payment Plans and Bankruptcy.

  7. COMPLETION  We do mean Completion Finalizing a Tax Resolution Case is a science all unto itself. You may have heard from others that they thought their Tax Case was over and agreed upon, only to find out that NEW issues surface from the same tax years working on, and you face new IRS Tax Resolution problems. We know that a complete Comprehensive Review for ALL Tax Year issues in question must be thoroughly scrutinized and approved before YOUR case can be presented for final resolution and agreement. We call this procedure Quality Control, and we utilize quality control all throughout the process in the prior six steps to ensure all possible success for YOUR CASE.

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