Long Term Care Insurance Elizabeth, NJ

Long Term Care Insurance in Elizabeth, NJ

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Here at Optimum Financial and Tax Services, Inc., we provide long-term care insurance for individuals throughout Elizabeth, NJ, and surrounding areas. You can increase your peace of mind by setting up a long-term care insurance plan.

Long-term care (LTC) insurance coverage helps cover your expenses if you become disabled or face a serious illness. You and your family members don’t have to worry if you have a policy in place to handle the uncertainties of the future. Call us at (908) 289-0082 to learn more.

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Sometimes, serious illnesses or injuries leave you unable to complete daily tasks on your own. You may need help handling things like eating, getting dressed, or bathing. LTC insurance provides you with the funds you need to get long-term care in these situations in Elizabeth, NJ.

LTC insurance covers the daily expenses associated with getting treatment from a(n):

  • Assisted living community
  • Nursing home
  • In-home care provider

Setting up this kind of insurance allows you to prepare for severe medical conditions, which takes the burden of care off of your family members and enables you to feel confident that you’ll receive the treatment you want after an illness or injury.

Compensation Through Long-Term Care Insurance

You get to decide how much coverage you get through long-term care insurance. You may work with an insurance agency to set up a policy that meets your needs. Our team will help you decide on the kinds of daily benefits you want to cover.

Our team goes over your situation when helping you decide on a policy. Some factors we consider when looking at LTC insurance include:

    • Your financial situation
    • Your current familial support system
    • Your current health
    • Your age

Some people start with a higher amount of LTC insurance and then decide to reduce it over time. You’ll find it easier to reduce the amount of insurance you carry than to increase it.

Long-Term Care Insurance in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Optimum Financial and Tax Services, Inc. is proud to serve the community in Elizabeth, NJ. Founded in 1664, Elizabeth, NJ, has a rich history and was recently named one of the 50 greenest cities in America. Neighborhoods like Keighry Head, Elmora Hills, and Peterstown come together to form the vibrant tapestry of the city. Contact Optimum Financial and Tax Services, Inc. at (908) 289-0082 if you are interested in long-term care insurance here in Elizabeth, NJ.