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Long Term Care Insurance in Linden, NJ

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You can increase your confidence about the future through long-term care insurance in Linden, NJ. Our team at Optimum Financial and Tax Services, Inc. offers you options for Long-term care (LTC) insurance. We also provide life insurance policies to help you build a plan for the future.

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Sometimes, individuals are not sure if they need LTC insurance. After all, if you have health insurance and life insurance, you may believe that covers all your potential expenses. Generally, health insurance covers things like medical treatment for injuries and illnesses.

However, health insurance often does not cover the costs associated with a long-term disability or illness. You may find that your policy will not work for the care offered by:

  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • In-home healthcare services

LTC insurance covers these expenses and other costs associated with long-term, day-to-day care. You can work with an insurance agency to find out if an LTC insurance policy is right for your situation.

Decide if Long-Term Care Insurance Is Right for You

You get to decide whether or not long-term care insurance is right for you here in Linden, NJ. LTC coverage often provides an extra layer of security for you and your family members. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll get care after a serious accident or injury if you have an LTC insurance policy set up.

We’re familiar with all the factors to consider when looking at an LTC policy. We can adjust your policy based on your current health, your age, your budget, and the support system that you have at home.

You can also work with us to discuss the costs of your LTC policy. You can decide on the amount of insurance you want to purchase in Linden, NJ.

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While Optimum Financial and Tax Services, Inc. is based out of Elizabeth, we offer our services to residents of Linden, NJ. Set up an appointment to discuss your long-term care insurance needs by reaching out to us at (908) 289-0082.