Long Term Care Insurance Rahway, NJ

Long Term Care Insurance in Rahway, NJ

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You can plan for the future here in Rahway, NJ, with long-term care insurance. Our team at Optimum Financial and Tax Services, Inc. provides options that allow you to get financial support for different types of long-term care.

You can schedule an appointment to speak with a member of our team about your long-term care and health insurance options now. Speak with us by calling (908) 289-0082.

LTC Insurance Compared to Health Insurancecouple talking about Long term care Insurance in Rahwey

Many individuals in Rahway, NJ, already have health insurance. You may believe that health insurance will cover all your expenses after an injury or illness. However, health insurance often only covers the immediate costs associated with treating an ailment.

Your health insurance may not cover the care you receive if you recover but end up with a disability that prevents you from performing basic activities. In this situation, you can turn to Long-term care (LTC) insurance to get coverage for care provided by:

  • Adult daycare
  • Hospice care
  • Respite care
  • Home care

LTC insurance also helps if you stay in an assisted living facility, senior living facility, or nursing home.

Benefits of LTC Insurance in Rahway, NJ

Long-term care insurance helps you plan for your future. Having a plan to address your needs after an accident or injury takes the stress off you and your family members. LTC insurance also:

  • Saves you money with lower premiums
  • Helps with financial planning
  • Gives you options for your medical care

You should know that long-term care insurance policies aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You get to decide how much coverage you want to purchase. Depending upon your age, current health, and financial situation, you can select the kind of policy you want.

Discuss all of your options with a member of our insurance team here in Rahway, NJ. We can also help you review life insurance and health insurance policies.

Get Insurance Help in Rahway, New Jersey

Optimum Financial and Tax Services, Inc. operates out of Elizabeth, but we’re pleased to offer our services to clients in Rahway, NJ. Rahway earned a spot as one of the “Great Places in New Jersey” for the city’s thriving downtown. Residents enjoy kayaking, yachting, and hiking at numerous city and county parks. The city was founded in 1858 and continues to thrive, including the area’s arts scene. Ensure you keep thriving as well by calling us at (908) 289-0082 for help with long-term care insurance.