Tax Audit and Tax Resolution Service in Newark, NJ

Tax Audit and Tax Resolution Service in Newark, NJ

Tax Audit and Tax Resolution Service in Newark, NJFor most people in Newark, NJ, when they file their tax returns, whether they have done it themselves or if they hire a professional to file them, they will never have to worry about a tax audit from the IRS. But those odds are never zero, and you may find yourself the subject of an IRS tax audit. During this tax audit, it may be found that you owe back taxes for one reason or another, and this is definitely not something that you want to tackle on your own. This is where the experts from Optimum Financial & Tax Services, Inc. can help.

Tax Audit in Newark: Get Help Today!

Having a tax audit done on your taxes can be a scary situation. You will be wondering what was messed up on your past tax returns, whether you did them yourself or you had them done professionally. No matter who did your tax returns, you should have professional help during your tax audit. The folks at Optimum Financial & Tax Services, Inc. have been around tax audits for many years, and they can help explain what it is that the IRS will be looking for. They will also help you to prepare to defend the various deductions and other issues on your tax returns with proper documentation.

Tax Resolution Service in Newark, New Jersey

Tax Audit and Tax Resolution Service in Newark, NJIf it is determined that you will owe additional taxes from previous tax returns, you will want the tax resolution service specialists from Optimum Financial & Tax Service, Inc. to help with various issues associated with tax audits. They can help establish an IRS repayment plan that is more favorable to you, provide help with any payroll tax issues, work with you and the IRS on non-filed tax returns, and much more. Any tax issues you may have in Newark, NJ, contact the professionals from Optimum Financial & Tax Services, Inc.

The name of the city is thought to derive from Newark-on-Trent, England, because of the influence of the original pastor, Abraham Pierson, who came from Yorkshire but may have ministered in Newark, Nottinghamshire. But Pierson is also supposed to have said that the community reflecting the new task at hand should be named “New Ark” for “New Ark of the Covenant” and some of the colonists saw it as “New-Work”, the settlers’ new work with God. Whatever the origins, the name was shortened to Newark, although references to the name “New Ark” are found in preserved letters written by historical figures such as David Ogden in his claim for compensation, and James McHenry, as late as 1787.