Bookkeeping Services in Woodbridge, Newark, Rahway, and all the Surrounding Areas

Bookkeeping Services in Woodbridge, Newark, Rahway, and all the Surrounding Areas

Do you know the advantage of having a well-maintained accounting record of your business? You will get to know where and how there’s inflow and outflow of cash and also filing your returns will be easier. Optimum Financial and Tax Services (OFTS), Inc. has been helping clients in bookkeeping services, preparing their Schedule C, as well as arrange your personal income tax returns. Not only has that, we even meticulously maintained all your records for the upcoming year too. With a professional by your side, you will be well aware of how exactly a few decisions might impact your business.  Also, the professionals of OFTS are highly-qualified and experienced to ensure that the business houses of Elizabeth, NJ, Linden, NJ, Newark, Rahway, and Woodbridge don’t face any trouble when it comes to finance. It is this dedication and commitment that makes our clients come back to us again and again. 

Bookkeeping Services in Woodbridge, Newark, Rahway

Below we have mentioned a few types of common bookkeeping services that Optimum Financial and Tax Services provide. Take a look. 

  • Bank Reconciliation  

Whenever there is a difference between the bank Statements and personal records, your accountants will prepare a bank reconciliation statement which will give you information on which statement is wrong. This procedure makes our easier to find the mistakes.  

  • Monthly financial services 

For some businesses it is weekly, quarterly, and yearly detailing of expenditures incomes and profit. This detailed analysis helps in giving an overview of what is happening with your business’ money. These services include monitoring the bank accounts and creating the necessary financial documents.  

  • Account receivables and account payables 

These books of accounts help in keeping track of all your funds, whether someone owes you money or your fund are held up somewhere.  

So, if you need any professional help for keeping the financial records of your company, you can contact us on 908-289-0082.